About us

We are a purpose driven company building towards a future where Generation Z are empowered, employed and prosperous.

Using a fusion of innovation and technology, and in collaboration with the right partners and networks, we connect school leavers not going to university with local future- focussed employment and training opportunities.

At the same time we are tackling the notion that 'success' is defined by studying A-Levels and going to University, it is not! A world of opportunities exist and we are here to challenge the status quo and help Generation Z navigate towards rewarding and exciting careers.

A journey of co-creation

miFuture app has been co-designed with more than 2500 school leavers, who provided incredible insight and a better way that young adults and the organisations that want young talent could connect. We have passed the ‘search’ generation; we now live in a one-touch on-demand and highly-curated world. A solution fit for purpose didn’t exist, until now!

A former International Rugby Player and PE Teacher tasked with providing careers provision for her learners, Gemma Hallett from Pontypridd in South Wales, left a career in teaching to self-fund, go to source and co-create miFuture app with local young adults. Frustrated by the lack of support for her learners Gem searched for a solution that didn’t exist.

Turning to young people themselves Gem led them to think beyond their current situation and guide them to not just imagine an ideal solution but to take steps to help make the solution a reality, the concept for an app was born!

Since taking that very concept to pilot miFuture has been on a crusade, building a movement of a like minded future-focused community. Fuelled by seeing how young adults respond to our app and our purpose, seeing their optimism and the sense of being headhunted or preapproved for an opportunity is turning the careers process on it's head. Our proof of concept phase concluded that a digital solution was needed now more than ever, we are fired up to scale miFuture nationally.

“I never intended to build a business; I wanted a solution for my class!

But here we are, with an award-winning app co-created by the very people I envisaged helping. We are out here on a crusade fulfilling a promise to 2500 Gen Z'ers that were part of the process, challenging the status quo and changing the narrative around destinations from school, pushing back on what 'success' traditionally looks like.

We'll deliver a unique platform for those not going to university, whilst simultaneously encouraging the world of work and further education to engage with Gen Z on their terms and in a way that is accessible and intrinsic to their digital behaviour.

I couldn’t be more excited about the mission and the possibility of improving the prosperity and trajectory for thousands, if not millions, of young people’s lives.”
Gemma Hallett.

more than an app: A Commitment to social impact

Through a social business model miFuture Foundation, our charitable arm, focusses solely on making an impact.

We work in collaboration with multiple stakeholders across business, education, third and charitable sectors to support cross-sector collaboration to ensure genuine social mobility for young adults.

By partnering with organisations that are on the ground and in our communities, we provide miFuture app as a tool to engage and support those who are less privileged, disadvantaged, marginalised and furthest from the labour market in a bid to level improve diversity and inclusivity whilst unlocking opportunities.

Our values

We believe in being...

Purpose driven

The time has come to rise up and challenge the status quo, we’re leading the charge and inspiring purposeful change. By cultivating quality relationships and the dream of building a strong community using tech for good and driving social impact.


Our products and actions are purposefully aligned to better serve Gen Z and the organisations we work with. Co-creation is core to our tech development, it ensures we stay true to our mission, the community we foster has a voice in shaping what we build.


A socially conscious approach is a moral and business responsibility, to impact, not just today, but a better tomorrow. Our tech prepares a future focussed workforce, and our business believes in leaving a better planet and society for future generations.

Belive in what we do?

We are always keen to grow our network and community, with like minded organisations and individuals; from schools and youth groups to employers and sector leaders, to local authorities and national initiatives.

Collaboration is key! Together we can have a positive impact on the lives and trajectory of young people.
If we can support your work in any way, please get in touch.