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Our pledge to the Future Generations Act

Gemma Hallett | 26th August 2019

According to the Well-being of Future Generations Act (2015) Wales faces significant challenges in providing a decent quality of life for all its citizens. These challenges include pockets of generational economic inactivity, health inequalities, and poverty.

Wales is leading the way as the first Country in the World to have a Future Generations Commissioner. We’re proud to support the 7 Well Being Goals to help improve inequalities and reduce poverty in Generation Z with miFuture App:

A Prosperous Wales

Control of own career pathway can lead to raised aspirations which delivers social and economic benefits. Our innovative, productive and low carbon app mobilises a generation into the labour market to become more skilled and employable, where they can benefit from generated wealth.


A Resilient Wales

Our low carbon function encourages young people to navigate and explore the world of work without impacting the environment. We work with partners who are actively seeking young people to join the industry to support and lead on environmental issues and challenges.


A Healthier Wales

By embracing employability options, the chances of a young person being active in society increases, along with the likelihood of a more positive physical and mental well-being.


A More Equal Wales

Our gender-neutral app is available on devices accessible to over 98% of young people. We also support those of various abilities to raise aspirations and to challenge stereotypes, enabling young people to fulfill their potential no matter of their background or circumstances.


A Wales of Cohesive Communities

By matching local people to local opportunities we'll engage the talent pipeline and reduce skills gaps in communities, making them more attractive and viable. A social and economic benefit, where everyone can live happily together.


A Wales of Vibrant Culture and Thriving Welsh Language

We connect Welsh language speakers with the employers seeking the skill. We are committed to providing a Welsh language version of the miFuture app, to promote and protect the Welsh language and culture and allow Welsh language to thrive in the workplace.


A Globally Responsible Wales

Increasing awareness of global labour markets and opportunities are now possible. Conversely, we can inform the rest of the world how young people are shaping the future workforce in Wales.



Gem Hallett
Chief Mobiliser @miFutureApp