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Frequently Asked Questions

“How much does the app cost?”

Nothing! We would never charge a young person to use our app. Never!

“Who can use the app?”

miFuture is a careers app for young people- We specialise in putting career opportunities in the hands of Generation Z.

“What kind of opportunities are on the app?” 

You will be matched with Earning, Learning, Training and Volunteering opportunities. So that’s jobs, apprenticeships, course’s and voluntary roles, all in one place! We're giving you your time back!

“How do I see opportunities?”

You complete a profile, and we match your Passions & Interests, Experience & Skills, & your Qualifications to real -time opportunities. Once that is done you swipe through your matches, Tinder style. Check back regularly to see what opportunities match you and swipe away.

 “Who can see my profile?”

No one! Your privacy is super important to us. Only when you swipe right does an organisation have the ability to connect with you and invite you to open day, interview etc. You’re in control!

“Can I track what I have applied for?”

Yeah totally, you don’t need to remember them all, and keep track yourself. You can now track & follow them easily, carry on with your life and you’ll will be notified as soon as a status change. Like we said, we are giving you your time back.

“So what else does the app do?”

Um not a lot, oh apart from create a CV from your info. So you never have to write one again! You told us that it sucks and takes ages, so we’ve taken care of that for you.

“Do I have to upload a CV?”

Nope, you told us that it sucks to input your info then upload a CV anyway, so we’ve taken care of that too.