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Employability Partner Program

miFuture Foundation

June 3, 2021

Employability Partnership Program

You want to support young people. We've created a digital solution.                                                

Our employability partner program allows us to support a digital native generation, together.

We are proud to work with staff that are supporting school leavers and young adults towards career progression.

miFuture's FREE Employability Partnership Program provides employability and career focussed staff with everything they need to use miFuture app as a resource. Bring miFuture into your classroom, get access to the free software, resources, community, and support you need to give your Gen Z an advantage in the local job market.

miFuture is the perfect tool to enable young people of all abilities to showcase their skills and experiences which will no doubt strengthen their engagement with the modern job market and improve their chances of finding employment that matches their aspirations. - Alun Prosser, GoConnect Employability Training

Show your commitment to supporting young adults

By partnering with organisations that are on the ground and in our communities, we provide miFuture app as a tool to engage and support those who are less privileged, disadvantaged, marginalised and furthest from the labour market in a bid to level up their career trajectories.

Contact the miFuture Foundation team at Hello@miFuture.co.uk to get your welcome pack and join our growing community of employability partners.

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