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Community Update: Spring 2021

Gemma Hallett

February 18, 2021

June 12, 2021

Dear miFuture community,

Like just about everyone else, we at miFuture are happy to move on from 2020, and 2021 is off to an exciting start.

We have now moved into a final sprint on v2 of the miFuture partner platform and new website build. This will deliver a better user experience with invaluable contribution from our ‘Proof of Concept’ partners. Again, like miFuture app, through co-production we ensure that what we build is purpose-driven and user-centric, and plan to launch in early May. We've also listened to the feedback of our customers and have restructured our commercial model, now offering free- to- post to all customers.

This milestone closes the book on our transitional period from hyperlocal ‘Proof of Concept’ towards the vision of delivering a digital ecosystem for pan Wales, and ultimately UK wide. From here forward, in addition to continuing to add opportunity providers, we will set out to explore new lands with Skill Bursts, and hope to have a prototype supported by a sector leader in pilot by Summer 2021.

It might sound odd to talk about developing new features when we are yet to fully launch v2 of the miFuture platform, but when the pandemic hit, we sat down and asked ourselves, “where do we want to be in a year, and what is the best path to get there?” So, while we are all excited about coming to the end of this development, it is from our perspective a necessary steppingstone to completing our grander miFuture vision.

A vision where Skills Bursts could literally be the game changer that catapults school leavers towards regional growth sectors and into prosperous futures.

In bouncing back from the pandemic and the economical impact of lockdowns, we'll be doubling down on our position to ensure young adults are inspired by hyperlocal career choices and feel safe knowing that opportunities in emerging, priority and growth sectors close to home are still going to be there 5, 10 even 15 years from now.

I want to thank everyone again for championing our mission to not just disrupt a process but to really ignite it and think different. Coming out of lockdown we plan to support a generation of young people and the local emerging, growth and priority sectors that can provide earning and learning opportunities to thrive closer to home.

I am looking forward to executing a clear and deliberate game plan for Summer 2021. These are exciting times and miFuture is well placed to play an important role in the emerging world of the skills economy and trajectory of Generation Z.

Thank you all for your continued support.

Purpose fuels a crusade. Innovation never stops. Disruption is inevitable… So let’s fire it up! 🔥🔥

Gem Hallett, CEO.

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