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Advisory board appointed

miFuture Team

May 3, 2020

April 19, 2021

As an early stage tech start up miFuture has successfully proven concept and market desire, while also gathering award nominations and media interest along the way.

With an exciting trajectory and many opportunities on the horizon, Gemma has assembled a talented team of respected leaders who will provide organisational strategy and growth.

“This is a huge milestone for miFuture, one that validates our ambition and our potential. I have thoughtfully curated this board to include strategic, marketing, education and tech experts. Their collective experience provides the guidance needed to achieve our ambitions in the dynamic EdTech and CareerTech world.” Gem.

The board received a copy of Be More Pirate and Start Something that Matters. Not to change their behaviour, but to better understand Gemma and miFuture’s manifesto.

Meet the board

We are thrilled to have secured such a high-level team of superstars, let us introduce you to miFuture’s Advisory Board:

Katherine Broadhurst: Director of Corporate Finance

Katherine is a Director of Corporate Finance, where she leads a specialist Corporate Finance team in South Wales and the West. She also works across the entire regional portfolio and has a key role in business development.

Crucially she brings a wealth of experience to the board, in particular; transaction advisory, business planning, due diligence, valuations and fund raising.

Katherine Broadhurst

Gemma Hallett: CEO and Chief Mobiliser

Gemma is digitally disrupting the careers process for Generation Z by changing the way school leavers and the organisations that want young talent connect through the miFuture app.

With input from 2500 school leavers, key partners and stakeholders She has built miFuture on a shoestring. Now is the right time to create a high-level strategic board assembling some of Wales’s best talent to ensure growth and success.

Gemma Hallett

Ella Hastings: Chief Marketing Officer

Ella is a senior marketing professional, experienced in leading large marketing teams across a range of disciplines.

Successful in delivering Content, SEO, Market Research, Marketing Campaigns, Marketing Planning and indirect performance for both large corporate and start ups.

Ella will support miFuture in achieving sustainable and efficient growth. Her role will also focus on delivering a digital customer acquisition and retention strategy.

Ella Hastings miFuture Adviser

Helen Jones: Headteacher

Helen is an accomplished headteacher who is passionate about supporting school leavers, particularly those not going to university and from disadvantaged communities.

She will improve our education and school relationships, whilst ensuring miFuture maintains synergy with the new curriculum and careers framework.

Helen Jones miFuture Adviser

Owen Richards: Founder and Head Tech Nerd

An award-winning tech lead, Owen has an abundance of experience in building innovative tech solutions. He has a proven record of solving problems with the creative use of bespoke software, apps and bots.

Furthermore Owen provides leadership in our tech scoping and planning. He is integral to the execution of our digital solutions where he also provide us with industry leading results, designs and integrations.

Owen Richards miFuture Adviser

Wil Williams: Chief Executive Officer.

Wil is adept at delivering in his roles as CEO for various companies, he has a proven track record of developing commercially sustainable technology-based companies and complements that with senior education management experience.

He provides governance, strategic direction and leadership support in preparing Gemma for her role. Whilst also guiding the technical team and the advisory board.

Wil Williams miFuture Adviser

A Bright Future

Since it’s appointment in January the board has delivered clarity of strategy aligned with Gemma’s vision and purpose. As a result we’ve won a UK wide Nesta and Department of Education CareerTech competition in the first steps to achieving a much greater vision and ambition for miFuture.

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