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A look at our ground breaking features

Claire Wilcox

July 13, 2020

April 19, 2021

To celebrate this week being Wales Tech Week we wanted to share our latest news and introduce you to our newest tech developments and how excited we are to change the careers landscape for Generation Z. There really is nothing more rewarding than making positive change, and for us using tech means we can create that change at a hyper-local level whilst simultaneously solving a national, even global problem.

After years of investing in research and development, pivoting, listening, and testing, combined with our blood, sweat and tears of all emotions. Our core Tinder for Careers style app is connecting young people with organisations and opportunities, and we really feel like we are doing our bit to mobilise a generation towards prosperity, making an impact at that hyper – local level. We are proud of what we’ve achieved, it feels great to know that we have created technology that makes a difference and we know there’s potential to do so much more!

Young people have always had a voice, what has been missing are adults in the room listening and acting. We built miFuture as a solution driven by the digital experience Gen Z wanted, and the functionality they needed.

But… we are not stopping there. We are developing our current tech offer to help young people prepare for the world of work, by always listening and responding, and seeking new and innovative ways to engage and prepare Gen Z for employability and prosperity.

Having taken a detailed look at the barriers young people face and recognised their evolving mobile behaviour and developed solutions through emerging technology, here’s two solutions we are introducing:

Guy smiling at phone with screen views to side

1. AI powered Digital Interview Suite

Our AI powered Digital Interview Suite solves a problem not just for our Gen Z app users but for schools and organisations too. Young people feel underprepared only having a generic 15 minute practice interview in school/ college, educators feel it’s a logistical nightmare (let alone an environmental one) getting role models, business owners and volunteers to all turn up at the same time and place to help provide interview practice to students. Then sector leaders started telling us how young people were failing to turn up to interview, in one instance 20+ had been invited and only a handful attended.

We thought “This isn’t right, we need to fix this”. We went back to source and asked young people why they hadn’t or wouldn’t attend interview, it came down to the ‘fear of the unknown’; don’t know what to wear, what to expect, what they are going to ask, what I’m going to say, what I’m going to wear, mainly. We can’t solve all those fears, but we could work on a big chunk of them.

The solution would be to give young people the opportunity to practice a relevant ‘entry level’ interview from our real pilot partners, and to do it from the safety and comfort of their own home, without needing to travel, without needing to rely on someone giving up their time to help, and crucially for an on demand generation, anywhere at any time.

So our AI interview suite was born and we believe this will be a valuable tool to help build confidence, soon they’ll be sitting in the comfort of their own home (or the local coffee shop, park, bus etc) practicing for their upcoming interview, getting intelligent feedback and going again until confidence and performance is high.

More importantly, it will be a game changer to help those furthest from the labour market who might be most lacking in confidence and support to attend that interview and nail it! Our AI using Natural Language Processing IBM Watson is currently now in its widest testing stage with amazing young people who as true to our word will always help shape each step of the way. We are so grateful for all the passion they’ve put into helping us create person-centred tech solutions to real problems that have been holding them back. They are just awesome!

Girl laying on bed using miFuture Skill Bursts

2. Digital Skill Bursts

There’s little time to waste now that the coronavirus pandemic has ravaged the employment landscape for young people. So, what’s next? We truly believe in making sure that Gen Z are prepared for emerging jobs, we know that lots of jobs around today will not exist in 10 years’ time as they are replaced with new roles. Heck, coronavirus has accelerated this, and many jobs won’t make it out of lockdown.

There’s an even bigger need now to make sure that Gen Z are prepared, they are future-proofed, supported by Nesta and The UK Department of Education, we are excited to bring real disruption to the school leaver process, by pulling rather than pushing young people into growth and priority sectors and doing so through gaming and adapting innovation to their natural digital behaviour.

Our solution comes in the shape of Skill Bursts, a series of digital games and tasks aligned with transferable Essential Employability skills that everyone needs to do most jobs, and which lays the foundation for specialist knowledge and technical skills (also known as Key Skills, Skills for Life, Functional Skills, Employability Skills etc) and identified by education and industry as the most valuable for employment. By collaborating with forward thinking priority and growth sector leaders, at a hyper-local level, we’ll nudge a generation of school leavers towards emerging and prosperous employment, learning and training pathways.

We know mobile gaming offers a real opportunity to penetrate digital behaviour and encourage progression, repeatability, and learning. But instead of rewarding with the typical rings, coins or high scores, we’ll be rewarding with career matches and nudges within a 5, 10 ,20 mile radius of home…

“Hey well done, now you’ve achieved this level X Y Z company wants you for this role, or this course is running at the local college you can start in September”

Imagine the impact of being head hunted like this and applying for the ones you like in just a swipe! Positioned as an early intervention tool that seeks to interject their career trajectory at a crucial time and allow them to see and enter routes leading to higher-skilled better-paid futures.

The Future

We won’t stop here, once our new products are live, we’ll keep listening and acting on ways that help Gen Z towards a more prosperous future. We will build and deploy technology to help them succeed in both work and in life, the next build will focus on wellbeing, mentoring, money management and banking integrations. Areas that Gen Z regularly convey that they need support, and where we feel we can provide innovation led by our young users, to keep pushing the boundaries with our app.

miFuture have a big responsibility to prepare young people for the biggest transition of their lives, they are the reason that miFuture exists and they are our future and we’ll keep looking at ways that we can use tech to help them succeed.

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