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5 ways school leavers can upskill in lockdown

miFuture Team

May 17, 2020

May 12, 2021

We’ve compiled a list of 5 ways school leavers can upskill in lockdown.

School may be out but there’s still a way for you to get ahead and get ready for the world of work. In most cases, all you’ll need is internet access, a device and an email account.

According to research by Milkround;

69% of UK workers agree that the younger members of their team are better adapted to this period of lockdown where digital communication is imperative, and 60% recognise that younger members of their team often help older colleagues with their tech queries.

Our young people, our digital natives, are leading the way as other older employees transition to digital workplaces. We want to ensure young people can kick on and upskill further.

Check out the resources below, make the most of upskilling during lockdown and let us know how you get on.

Future Learn

Choose from hundreds of courses all co-created by top universities and specialist organisations. There’s a huge range of subject areas from Animal Care to the Tudors and Cyber Security to AI. We are particularly fans of Thriving in a Digital Workplace, How to Create Great Online Content and Using Social Media for Business

Positives: Free and easy to use and lots of great reviews. There’s a huge collection of highly relevant workplace skills, subject specific and relevant for the future of work.

Negatives: Some courses are restricted to a weekly timetable.

Learn My Way

Learn My Way has free courses for you to learn digital skills to stay safe and connected. Choose from a library of Using your Computer or Device, Online Basics, Office Programmes, Internet Skills, Online Safety and Managing your Money Online amongst others. Learn through doing short and quick interactive tasks with a quiz to check learning.

Positives: It is free and super easy to use, it’s also ar gael yn Gymraeg (Available in Welsh) and highly interactive.

Negatives: No certificate or badge to show for your efforts.

Lloyd Bank Academy

With Lloyds Bank’s Learn for Everyday Life programme you can build your own course with a selection of lessons on a variety of digital skills from how to master video calling, preparing for a digital workplace, presenting yourself online, working with digital devices and working with others safely online. Choose any of the 14 topics to create your own course, watch the video and pass the quiz.

Positives: Free and easy to use. Choose which lessons you want.

Negatives: No certificate or badge to show for your efforts. Just a video with questions after and they are quite cringey to watch!

Make it Click

Not just courses Make it Click Tools and resources to help you build skills for using social media, email or make working from home easier. Learn to use applications like Word, PowerPoint and Excel and know how to stay safe online. Improve your digital skills for things like creating a CV, running a webinar or using online services. Their library of 10 topics include 149 resources, including tools to use, ‘how to’ videos to watch and blog posts to read.

Positives: Free and easy to use. Huge bank of resources around the main topics and relevant digital

Negatives: Mainly just signposts you to other sites.

Open Learn

Probably the biggest list of free courses that we’ve seen, ranging from 2-24 hrs of learning across 8 topics, including; Languages, Money and Business, Technology.

Positives: Free and easy to use. Statement of Participation (A Certificate) and badges. There’s a huge collection of subject specific and relevant for the future of work.

Negatives: We really cant think of any, maybe it’s just not as fun as some of the others.

Check back as we keep adding to this list below, we believe that whilst times may be hard for school leavers and Class of 2020. There’s an opportunity to get ahead and upskill.

If you think an online resource should be on this list, or if you can help us compile other resources to upskill during lockdown, please send us your recommendation here.

Other recommendations…

Passport to Employment

With over 70 courses specific to Health & Safety, Food Safety, Fire Safety, Health and Social Care and Business Skills Leadership & Management. P2E offer online courses that range from 30mins to a couple of hours, all of which seem to have accreditation attached. Modules are generally delivered through video, multiple choice Q&A and simulations.

Positives: Choose a free trial course. Fairly easy to use, a low level of digital literacy is needed. Large library of courses. Discount for more than one course. You get a certificate.

Negatives: Most courses costs £30- £42, higher levels cost a lot more. There’s no comments or feedback from learners.

miFuture Foundation Team.

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