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miFuture app is a simple but disruptive approach to matching Generation Z with local employability opportunities.

You can’t treat our digitally native young people like every generation before them. A one-stop-shop, where you try to engage 16, 26, 46 and 56 year olds with the same medium, doesn’t work.

We built miFuture with over 2500 school leavers to create the solution that does work. 

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Creating miFuture App


miFuture digitally disrupts the careers process for Generation Z, by simplifying the way school leavers and the organisations that want young talent, connect. We’ve passed the ‘search’ generation we now live in a one-touch on-demand world, a solution fit for purpose didn’t exist.

A former International Rugby Player and PE Teacher tasked with providing careers provision for her learners, during a time where there were 4,500 pupils to every one careers adviser. Gem from Pontypridd in South Wales, left a career in teaching to self fund, go to source and co-create miFuture app with 2500 young people.

You’ve heard stories of ‘crap’ careers advice, the fabrication that Uni equals success, seen teens spending hours searching and applying, facing low confidence and challenging processes. Why? because someone decided a few decades ago that that’s the process? Well, no! Hell no. We should be making it as damn easy, inspiring and holistic as possible” Gem.

By keeping innovation simple and using smart-matching technology to put opportunities in to the hands of the right young people, miFuture is forging a new era for the dated careers process.

miFuture was built with GenZ

Creating miFuture Foundation


Our passion for supporting young people on their journey inspired the creation of our Social Enterprise.

miFuture Foundation visits education and community groups to inform and inspire a generation of school leavers and help nudge them towards jobs, courses, apprenticeship and volunteering experiences. 

As a not for profit, miFuture Foundation is driven to create positive social mobility by providing schools and community engagement with a blended digital and face to face approach.

“Impact is more important than growth, the impact we make is what will define our success”  Gem.

Our Foundation has a clear mission of ‘mobilising a 100,000 Generation Z towards employability and prosperity’ which includes ensuring young people are aware of and have a trajectory towards better-skilled higher-paid futures.

miFuture Workshops

Our Leadership Team

To keep a promise to the 2500 young people she engaged with and ‘make it happen’. Gem has assembled a super team of highly respected and experienced leaders to help challenge strategy and organisational direction. Their leadership enables miFuture to achieve it’s ambitious trajectory and challenge the status quo.

We are super thrilled to appoint this team to miFuture’s Advisory Board

“This is a huge milestone for us and one that validates our ambition and potential. I’m driven to make an impact, I can’t do that alone. I thoughtfully curated this board to include strategic, education and tech experts whose collective experience ensures we have the guidance needed to achieve our ambitions in the dynamic and complex EdTech and CareerTech space.” Gem.

miFuture Advisory Board

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We love to collaborate with our community, from schools and youth groups to employers and sector leaders, if we can support your work with school leavers, we want to hear from you. Drop us a message here: